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We offer two main types of garment decoration service :

1 - Embroidery. We will take your logo and text, create an embroidery pattern from this and machine your designs onto the garments that you choose. Embroidery is suitable mainly for smaller logos and text. You can combine embroidery with Cut Transfers which we alsp offer. For example you can have your logo embroidered onto the front of a Polo Shirt and a larger Company name and phone number printed onto the back of the shirt.

2 - Cut transfers. These transfers are made from the same material that sports numbers on football shirts are made from (it's called Superflex) . We take the text or logos that you want applying to your garments and create a vector image from these. Once we have this image we use a vinyl cutter to cut out the design. We then heat press the cut transfers onto the garment. Cut transfers are ideal for printing larger text onto the back of T-Shirts, Jackets or Hi Visibility Waistcoats / Jackets. This kind of print is also a bit cheaper than embroidery.


Q. How long does it take to have items embroidered / cut transfer printed from order to delivery ?

A. This depends on how many items you order, we can typically provide a very fast service depending on how many orders we currently have to be pocessed, this will normally be less then a week.

Q. Can I obtain a sample of the garment before placing a full order.

A. Of course, however there are costs involved in producing a sample.For embroidery the design will need to be created and for cut transfer printing the vector images must be prepared before we can cut the design. Normally we will factor these costs into the order so an advance payment may be required if you need a single sample producing which will then be deductable from the full order should you decide to proceed.

Any other questions just give us a call on (024) 76 687 600 or email us at